Soil Characterization on the MLE sites

GLBRC128:Soil Characterization on the MLE sites

Pits were excavated to 1 meter to characterize the soil at the Marginal Land sites.

MLE locations:

Reference System EPSG:4326

Oregon -89.35686085955242675 42.96678576412838879
Rhinelander -89.21569884010642681 45.66579046287829158
Hancock -89.5340004834417158 44.11917303671684465
Lux Arbor -85.45168947730967091 42.47727683751159589
Escanaba -87.18708014035972553 45.76354323389890766
Lake City -85.19951254070109314 44.29588639161008956


GLBRC128-002 MLE soil characterization (pit samples)
Soil chemistry at sites of GLBRC marginal land experiment.

Pit locations from the MLE soil characteriztion


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