Whole plant carbon and nitrogen

GLBRC130:Whole plant carbon and nitrogen

In 2017 at the GLBRC BCSE plots, above- and belowground plant biomass were sampled at maturity near- and post-machine harvest time, respectively. All samples were collected from all treatments (G1-G10), Blocks 2 through 4. The overarching goal of this project is to determine any differences on above- and belowground biomass production between annual and perennial crops dedicated to bioenergy production after ten years of establishment.


GLBRC130-001 Root Carbon and Nitrogen
GLBRC130-002 Above ground Plant Carbon and Nitrogen from the root excavation project
GLBRC130-003 Root biomass
Root biomass sampled with deep coring and pit excavations. Samples were taken on top of, and between plants and as part of the soil excavation.
GLBRC130-004 Aboveground biomass at the time of root sampling
Aboveground biomass sampled at the same time the root samples were taken.


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