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Agronomic Field Log and Activity Reports

Log of the agronomic activities on the GLBRC sites. See here for an interactive version

This datatable is part of the GLBRC Experiment dataset. Baseline and general data for the GLBRC Experiments.


Experiment: GLBRC Biofuel Cropping System Experiment
Data available from: April 2008 to May 2015
Dataset: GLBRC083
Datatable ID: GLBRC083-001.41
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Last Updated 2017-10-24
Variate Description Units
obs date Date of the Observation
site site
comment The observation or operation that was perfomed

Data Excerpt

obs_date site comment
2018-07-17 KBS Spread 100 lbs of stabilized Urea per acre on Cover Crop plots that are planted in G3, G4, part of the trap crop area, 3 plots in rep 6, and half of the plots by 40th St.
2018-07-11 KBS Sprayed sorghum planted in GLBRC rep 6 (1 plot) with Huskie and Atrazine 4F. Huskie was applied at 16 oz/A and Atrazine 4F was applied at 1qt/A (1 lb a.i.). Sorghum was right at the 12 inch labeled height for atrazine. Weather conditions: At the start 9:40 a.m. sunny 73 degrees F, humidity was 52.6 % with 4-6 mph East winds. End of application 10:40 a.m. sunny, 75 degrees F, humidity 46 %, with 5-7 mph East winds.
2018-06-26 KBS Round baled cover crop and wrapped bales in plastic wrap, in GLBRC trap crop, G3, G4 and 3 plots in rep 6, and half of area along 40th St.
2018-06-26 KBS Planted cover crop of 35 lbs/acre sorghum sudan, 25 lbs per acre soybeans and a small amount of oats / triticale in GLBRC trap crop area, G3, G4, three plots of rep 6 and half of plots along 40th St.
2018-06-25 KBS Windrowed cover crop with JD 3430 in GLBRC trap crop, G3, G4, three plots in rep 6 and part of plots near 40th st.
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