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1800's Presettlement Vegetation of GLBRC and LTER sites — Agronomic Details

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Vegetation of the early 1800’s (presettlement) of the LTER and GLBRC experiment areas was extracted from GIS data layers that were created from initial surveyors notes from Michigan and Wisconsin. Presettlement vegetation metadata is available for Michigan and Wisconsin .

This datatable is part of the Research Site History dataset.

Information about earlier vegetation, farming, etc.


Experiment: Agronomic Details
Dataset: GLBRC097
Datatable ID: KBS110-001.3
Repository link:
Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
site experiment location
experiment GLBRC or LTER experiment
treatment experimental treatments
replicate replicate (block) nested within treatment
vegetation type vegetation determined from initial state surveyors notes

Data Excerpt

site experiment treatment replicate vegetation_type comments
KBS GLBRC Intensive Site BCSE and all experiments on Intensive site all treatments all blocks black oak barren
Arlington GLBRC Intensive Site GLBRC Biofuel Cropping System Experiment all treatments all blocks prairie
Michigan Central - Lake City Exp. Station GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment all treatments all blocks hemlock-white pine forest
Michigan North - Escanaba GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment all treatments all blocks beech-sugar maple-hemlock forest
Michigan South - Lux Arbor Reserve GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment all treatments all blocks oak hickory forest
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