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Poplar damage assessment

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Poplar damage assessments were conducted by observing all of the trees along particular planting rows (transects) and counting the number of trees with each damage type.

This datatable is part of the GLBRC assorted poplar measurements dataset. Various ad-hoc poplar measurements in response to observations


Experiment: GLBRC Biofuel Cropping System Experiment
Data available from: October 2019
Dataset: GLBRC133
Datatable ID: GLBRC133-001.4
Core Areas Primary Production
Repository link:
Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
site sampling site
sample date sample date
plot the plot sampled
transect the transect number
number of trees with caterpillar damage the number of trees along the transect that showed visible caterpillar damage number
number of missing trees the number of trees along the transect that were missing (died or had not grown)
number of trees with deer damage the number of trees along the transect that had visible deer damage
number of trees with rust spots on leaves the number of trees along the transect that had rust spots on their leaves

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Data Excerpt

site sample_date plot transect number_of_trees_with_caterpillar_damage number_of_missing_trees number_of_trees_with_deer_damage number_of_trees_with_rust_spots_on_leaves
BCSE 2019-10-11 G8R1 2 10 2 8 3
BCSE 2019-10-11 G8R1 3 11 0 6 2
BCSE 2019-10-11 G8R2 1 13 0 14 0
BCSE 2019-10-11 G8R2 2 9 0 7 2
BCSE 2019-10-11 G8R2 3 13 0 6 2
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