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Agronomic Field Log (Expanded) — GLBRC Scale-up Experiment

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The expanded agronomic log including the materials applied, rate of application, and equipment associated with the agronomic activity for the GLBRC Scaleup sites.

This datatable is part of the GLBRC Agronomic Details dataset.

This dataset includes information about the agronomic practices for GLBRC experiments.


Experiment: GLBRC Scale-up Experiment
Data available from: May 2009 to November 2023
Dataset: GLBRC090
Datatable ID: GLBRFC090-003.32
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Last Updated 2023-11-29
Variate Description Units
obs date observation date
treatment treatment name of the field
observation type the type of the observation
comment comment describing the observation
material material applied
rate rate of material applied
unit the units for the application rate
equipment the equipment used if any
observation id the id of the aglog observation. Can be used to find the observation on

Data Excerpt

obs_date treatment observation_type comment material rate units equipment observation_id
2023-11-07 L1 Harvest Harvested corn on L1 field. Deer damage was extremely high in 2023. The headlands on this field had less than 40 BU/acre. John Deere 9410 combine 6059
2023-11-01 M1 Harvest Harvested corn on M1. John Deere 9410 combine 6060
2023-06-09 L1 Herbicide Application Corn post application. LI700 - Adjuvant 5.3 fluid ounce Fast Sprayer 6057
2023-06-09 L1 Herbicide Application Corn post application. Choice_Water_Conditioner 9.6 fluid ounce Fast Sprayer 6057
2023-06-09 L1 Herbicide Application Corn post application. AgSaver Glyphosate 53.8% 3.0 pint Fast Sprayer 6057
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