Soil Properties — Marginal Land Experiment

GLBRC094:Soil Properties — Marginal Land Experiment

This dataset contains soil data for the GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment (MLE) originally established in 2013 at north, central and south sites in Wisconsin and Michigan. The experiment consists of six different biofuel cropping systems (a.k.a. treatments; G5-G10; including switchgrass, miscanthus, native grasses, hybrid poplar, early successional, and restored prairie, respectively) plus an historical vegetation control (G11), replicated in each of 4 blocks (R1-R4) at each site. Split-plot treatments were initiated in 2014-2016 to examine the effect of nitrogen fertilization [plus_n (+N) vs control (0N)] on all cropping systems.


GLBRC094-003 Agronomic Soil Chemistry

Deep core (to 1 m) and surface (typically 0-25 cm) soil samples are taken periodically and sent to an analytical laboratory for fertilizer/liming recommendations and analyzed for pH, lime index, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, cation exchange capacity and, depending on laboratory, organic matter.

From 2012-2022, samples were analyzed by either the Michigan State University Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory or the University of Wisconsin Soils Laboratory, which included organic matter in their analyses.

GLBRC094-005 Soil Total Carbon and Nitrogen

Total carbon and nitrogen content of deep core soil samples (1 meter deep core split in 4 depths) from the Marginal Land Experiment.

GLBRC094-009 Soil Bulk Density

Soil bulk density determined for each depth interval of deep (to ~1 m) core soil samples from the Marginal Land Experiment

GLBRC094-011 Soil Moisture Profiles

Profiles of soil moisture for sites of the Marginal Land Experiment. Soil moisture is measured with Campbell CS650 soil moisture probes ( connected to Campbell CR800 dataloggers.

GLBRC094-015 Soil Inorganic N

Soil inorganic nitrogen (ammonium and nitrate+nitrite) concentration in surface (0-25cm) soil of the Marginal Land Experiment

GLBRC096-004 Archived Soil Samples

A list of archived soils from the GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment

GLBRC131-001 Soil Moisture (Gravimetric)

Gravimetric soil moisture at sites of GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment; soil moisture measurements accompany determination of soil inorganic nitrogen.



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