MLE - Rainfall Exclusion Experiment

GLBRC134:MLE - Rainfall Exclusion Experiment

This dataset contains data from Rainfall Exclusion Experiment at Marginal Land Sites. The purpose of the experiment is to learn the drought effects on switchgrass. Data in this dataset can also be found in the dataset of Marginal Land Experiment.


GLBRC094-012 MLE rainfall manipulation experiment soil moisture (automated)
GLBRC soil water content under rainout shelters in adjacent areas. This dataset is used to confirm that the rainout shelters are producing enough of a drought to stress the switchgrass
GLBRC134-001 Switchgrass Dry Matter Yield - Rainfall Exclusion Experiment at Marginal Land Sites (Marginal Land Experiments)
Agronomic yield from G5 switchgrass treatment in the Marginal Land Experiments in Michigan and Wisconsin. Yield data is given for three microplots (ambient, irrigated and rainout). Yield data are given as dry matter.
GLBRC134-002 Agronomic Soil Chemistry from Deep and Surface Soil Cores- Rainfall Exclusion Experiment at Marginal Land Sites (MLE)
Deep core soil samples and surface samples are taken occasionally for fertilizer recommendations and analyzed for pH, lime index, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, cation exchange capacity and, in the Wisconsin samples, organic matter. KBS samples are analyzed by the Michigan State University Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory and University of Wisconsin Soils Laboratory .
GLBRC134-004 Soil Moisture (gravimetric)
gravimetric soil moisture at sites of GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment. This data is mostly the same as in with the addition of the measurements taken under the rainout shelters.
GLBRC134-005 1 hour weather observations at the Marginal Land Experiment Sites
One hour observations from the Marginal Land site weather stations. The observations are the averages and totals for the hour.
GLBRC134-006 5 minute weather observations at the Marginal Land Experiment sites
5 minute weather observations from the marginal land sites.
GLBRC134-007 GPS coordinates for the Marginal Land Site plots
The plot ploygons created by measuring the plot corners with a GPS. Also available as a zipped shapefile for "Lux Arbor - Michigan South":, "Lake City - Michigan Central":, "Escanaba - Michigan North": "Hancock - Wisconsin - Middle": "Rhinelander Wisconsin - North": and as a "consolidated shapefile": Geometries of microplots are included
GLBRC134-008 Shelter Deployment and Removal Dates
A record of the dates the shelters were deployed and removed
GLBRC134-009 Humidity and Temperature comparison between under shelter and ambient conditions
Hobo humidity loggers were deployed under and near the rainout shelters to determine if the shelters influenced the humidity.


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