GLBRC Trace gas monitoring

GLBRC085:GLBRC Trace gas monitoring

Measurements from static chambers are taken every two weeks during the growing season.


GLBRC085-001 Trace Gas Fluxes
N2O, CO2 and CH4 gas flux data from KBS and Arlington Biofuel Cropping System Experiments. Fluxes were measured using static gas flux chambers. Fluxes have been corrected to air temperature on the day the flux was measured.
GLBRC085-003 Soil Temperature associated with Trace Gas Flux chambers
Soil temperature measured at the same time as the trace gas flux sampling from static chambers.
GLBRC085-005 Soil Moisture associated with gas sampling
Soil samples (top 25 cm) are taken once for each plot during each gas sampling campaign. The soil moisture is determined gravimetrically.


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