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Dry Matter Yield - KBS GLBRC Switchgrass Variety Experiment

Dry matter yield measurements from the GLBRC Switchgrass Variety Experiment which has
twelve switchgrass varieties.

This datatable is part of the GLBRC Switchgrass Variety Experiment dataset. This dataset contains data for the Switchgrass Variety Experiment located on the GLBRC Intensive Site.


Experiment: GLBRC Switchgrass Variety Experiment
Data available from: November 2010 to October 2017
Dataset: GLBRC098
Datatable ID: GLBRC098-001.8
Core Areas Primary Production
Last Updated 2018-06-20
Variate Description Units
harvest year year of the growing season
harvest date date the crop was harvested
planting year year the switchgrass was planted
switchgrass variety switchgrass variety planted
variety ecotype ecotype of the planted switchgrass variety
replicate replicate nested within treatment
area harvested ft2 area of plot harvested squarefoot
moisture at harvest percent crop percent moisture at harvest %
dry matter yield tons acre dry matter yield tons/acre
dry matter yield mg ha dry matter yield Mg/ha
stand frequency percent stand frequency as per D. Undersander method
comments sample notes

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Data Excerpt

harvest_year harvest_date planting_year switchgrass_variety variety_ecotype replicate area_harvested_ft2 moisture_at_harvest_percent dry_matter_yield_tons_acre dry_matter_yield_mg_ha stand_frequency_percent comments
2010 2010-11-15 2009 Alamo lowland R1 28.78 4.02677 9.02683
2010 2010-11-15 2009 Alamo lowland R2 19.45 5.71556 12.81257
2010 2010-11-15 2009 Alamo lowland R3 23.37 2.06294 4.62449
2010 2010-11-15 2009 Alamo lowland R4 22.90 2.55252 5.72200
2010 2010-11-15 2009 Kanlow lowland R1 16.13 3.82205 8.56790
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