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Species transect plant heights

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Species composition was surveyed using the line point intercept method

This datatable is part of the GLBRC MLE ANPP data dataset. This dataset contains data of MLE aboveground net primary productivity


Experiment: GLBRC Marginal Land Experiment
Data available from: August 2017 to September 2019
Dataset: GLBRC126
Datatable ID: GLBRC126-002.54
Core Areas Populations
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Last Updated 2022-04-06
Variate Description Units
sample date sample date
site experimental site
plot Plot sampled
subplot N+ or N- subplot
line transect line sampled
species species intercepted or ground cover type
height height to the top of the plant canopy centimeter
has lodged had the plant that was measured lodged?
comments comments about the observation

Data Excerpt

sample_date site plot subplot line species height has_lodged comment
2019-09-04 Rhinelander G7-R1 N- 2 Andropogon gerardii 222.0 false
2019-09-04 Rhinelander G7-R1 N+ 3 Andropogon gerardii 211.0 false
2019-09-04 Rhinelander G7-R1 N+ 4 Andropogon gerardii 223.0 false
2019-09-04 Rhinelander G7-R1 N+ 4 Andropogon gerardii 197.0 false
2019-09-10 Scaleup L2-R1 N+ 1 Panicum virgatum L. 121.0 false
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