GLBRC Extensive Sites

GLBRC080:GLBRC Extensive Sites

This research is part of the broader investigation of the implications of cellulosic biofuel production on biodiversity, including beneficial microbes and insects as well as birds of conservation interest.


GLBRC080-001 Insect Counts in the Extensive Sites

Insects were collected on yellow sticky traps and then identified and counted.

GLBRC080-002 Plant Biomass in the Extensive Sites

Above-ground plant biomass collected at grassland, switchgrass and corn sites on the GLBRC Extensive Site network. At each site, standing plant biomass was clipped to the ground and surface litter was collected from a measured area (see protocol). Biomass was sorted into broad groups: corn ears, corn stalks, switchgrass, big bluestem, indiangrass, other grass, forbs and surface litter. Biomass was dried and weighed. Robel pole measurements were also taken at each site to correlate to biomass.

GLBRC080-003 Plant Species Composition (Nested Circles Method)

Plant species composition in the GLBRC Extensive sites. Additive species composition is determined at 1, 10, and 100 m2 nested circles centered on the sampling station.

GLBRC080-004 Robel Pole Measurements in the Extensive Sites

Robel pole measurements were done to determine plant vertical structure in the GLBRC Extensive site biomass harvest areas. The robel pole measurements were made just prior to harvesting the biomass to allow for comparison between biomass and robel pole measurement. Two roble pole readings were made at each location by two people.

GLBRC080-005 Plant Species Composition (Transect method) in the Extensive Sites

Plant species composition in the GLBRC Extensive sites determined using the Transect method.

GLBRC080-006 GLBRC Extensive Site GPS Coordinates

Point location coordinates for the GLBRC Extensive sites collected with GPS (global positioning system).

GLBRC080-007 Agronomic Soil Chemistry

Soil chemistry collected at the GLBRC Extensive sites and analyzed by the Michigan State University Soils Laboratory.

GLBRC080-009 Corn Plant Counts at Extensive Sites
GLBRC080-010 Floral Transects in Extensive Sites


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