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TDR array daily soil moisture

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Automatically cleaned daily median volumetic soil moisture from the TDR array on the intensive site. The hourly data is passed through a 13 point median filter, then the daily median is retrieved and the result is passed through a 3 point filter that passes the middle point if the vwc is within 0.03 % of the mean of the surrounding points if it did not rain in the last 2 days. If it did rain it middle point is accepted if it is higher than the mean of the outside points.

This datatable is part of the GLBRC soil properties dataset. Soil measurements from GLBRC experiments.


Experiment: GLBRC Biofuel Cropping System Experiment
Data available from: April 2009 to January 2013
Dataset: GLBRC088
Datatable ID: GLBRC088-015.122
Core Areas Disturbance
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Last Updated 2017-01-26
Variate Description Units
plot plot observed
depth depth that the TDR probe is installed in centimeter
date sample date
vwc volumetric water content in percent (v/v)

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Data Excerpt

plot depth date vwc
G1 10 2009-04-26 0.243
G1 10 2009-04-29 0.274
G1 10 2009-05-01 0.298
G1 10 2009-05-06 0.335
G1 10 2009-05-07 0.336
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