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Elevations measured with RTK GPS

Elevations of the KBS GLBRC Intensive site as measured by survey-grade gps from a tractor-mounted real-time kinetic GPS.

This datatable is part of the GLBRC Experiment dataset. Baseline and general data for the GLBRC Experiments.


Experiment: GLBRC Biofuel Cropping System Experiment
Data available from: January 2008
Dataset: GLBRC083
Datatable ID: GLBRC083-009.41
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Last Updated 2016-01-21
Variate Description Units
latitude latitude of the elevation point lat-long
longitude longitude of the elevation point lat-long
elevation m elevation of the soil surface meter

Data Excerpt

latitude longitude elevation_m
42.39308968 -85.37281522 286.918942722891
42.39309011 -85.37287538 287.123934855003
42.3930907 -85.37293567 287.302937876619
42.39308986 -85.37299683 287.420939972452
42.39308979 -85.37305824 287.489940409697
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